Dr. Mitchell Greenberg has been in practice is a Chiropractor in Melbourne and Merritt Island since 1984. He currently owns and runs his dream practice called Injury Treatment Solutions which uniquely combines a medical doctor, chiropractors and physical therapy, all under one roof. Injury Treatment Solutions focuses on the treatment of patients involved in traumatic injuries such as automobile accidents. In addition to his practice, because of patient injuries caused by car accidents due to cell phone distractions, Dr. Greenberg started a non-profit company called Hang Up ‘N Drive to educate individuals about the dangers of distracted driving due to cellphones.

Because of the growing population of uninsured patients in Brevard County who cannot afford healthcare,

Dr. Greenberg, Paul Ringenberger, Gene List, Sister Clara and a number of other volunteer nurses, doctors and

support staff started a FREE medical clinic called Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine in Palm Bay. Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine opened in April 2011 and after only 9 months gave away approximately $500,000.00 worth

of free medical (and dental) services and is expanding every day.

I joined Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine the minute that I was asked. “Americans have too many problems

already; they should not have to mortgage their house, just to get health care”. So, I am proud to work with all

of the wonderful people at Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine to give desperately needed health care to the underserved people of Brevard County. “The truth is that the joy and appreciation from our patients at Space

Coast Volunteers In Medicine is so much better payment than money could ever be that I almost feel selfish

because I feel like I get more out of helping than those that we help.”

Now, for 2012-2013, Dr. Mitchell Greenberg has been elected as President of the Board Of Directors for Space

Coast Volunteers In Medicine. With approximately 90 Volunteers In Medicine clinics in the United States, as

president, Dr. Greenberg has the distinction of being the first ever, Chiropractor to be President of the Medical

Clinic, Space Coast Volunteers In Medicine in the country. Dr. Greenberg was the first member of the Founder’s

Society and has naming rights to rooms at the clinic.